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North American Roofing Success Story – Mobile Inspection Reporting

Microsoft, Qorus Software and SharePoint Revolution team up to help transform the inspection reporting process at North American Roofing, one of the largest commercial roofing companies in the United States. Watch this three minute video to see how North American Roofing dropped a two-hour report generation process to 60 seconds and greatly improved communication with their customers.

Qorus and SharePoint Revolution – A Great Partnership

Our success in business has been built on the quality and strength of the partnerships that we have built over the years. Our relationship with Qorus Software is a prime example of this. Of course, you don't build relationships with businesses. You build relationships with people and it is the people of Qorus that make Qorus great. Michelle Revsbech, Senior Vice President of Alliances at Qorus, has been our point person at Qorus and she and her team have been committed to our success in our partnership every step along the way. Ray Meiring, CEO of Qorus, (pictured above with Larry Nordlinger, CEO of SharePoint Revolution) has also given us a lot of personal attention and is equally committed to our success as a partner. During a recent trip to Asheville North Carolina to visit SharePoint Revolution customer, North American Roofing, Ray said the following about this partnership: "We…

Creating Time, Space and Energy for What Really Matters

Greg McKeown was explaining how each of us wake up every day with a limited amount of what he refers to as “discipline currency” – the ability to get things done. He suggested that we use up this limited currency by spending our time making and remaking the same decisions. We should rather, he says, be “saving” it for the most critical decisions and tasks. To do this, we need to create a system that makes executing what is essential as easy as possible. The essentialist knows that the discipline currency is limited so they use it to build a routine, a way of operating. That means they don’t have to make the decision again and again.” ~ Greg McKeown As I was listening to this, bells started to go off in my head. I was thinking about how the businesses I work with every day are actively putting this principle to work – with great success. At SharePoint Revolution, we help people…